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Two events you may be interested in

For a number of years, in conjunction with The Society for Food Hygiene and Technology, we have been running a training day based around selecting, managing and monitoring the performance of pest control contractors. The next one of these is on the 5 October, and will be held in SOFHT’s offices near Tamworth. Further details about this event, and a booking form, are available on this LINK
Please note that all bookings are adminstered via SOFHT.
We have also put together a breakfast club for SOFHT, taking place on 24 October. Dr Matthew Davies of Killgerm and Dr John Simmons of Acheta will be reviewing:
  • The changing face of pest control regulation, and what the future might hold.
  • Why a sigificant proportion (we estimate 10-20%) of food manufacturing and storage premises have a rodent population resident within them.
  • Whether the pest control elements of BRC, retailer and third party food safety standards are really achieving their objectives.
  • How technology may change the way pest monitoring and control is done, and how pest control contracts may need to evolve to accommodate this.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in attending either of these events.