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Trouble shooting

Whether it be long-standing problems with rodent, insect or birds pests, or a pest control related non-conformity raised during an audit, we can assist. Our inspections have the following objectives.

  • Inspect for, and assess the nature and extent of, any pest infestation.
  • Highlight issues that might be conducive to the establishment of new infestations, or to the persistence of existing infestations
  • Review the pest control contractor’s attendance and documentation.
  • Review the quality of the pest monitoring and control, and conduct spot-checks on the contractor’s service.
  • Provide recommendations concerning potential improvements in the monitoring and control of pests.

All of our consultants are UK based but we offer our services widely throughout Europe and have carried out trouble-shooting inspections in Asia, Australasia, South America and west Africa.

We can identify the nature, extent and root cause of long-standing infestations, which others miss.