Pest-related feedback on Trip Advisor

A prestigious hotel experienced pest-related feedback on Trip Advisor

The Scenario

Guests were reporting sightings of mice in restaurants, bars and some accommodation corridors. A pest control company had been employed on site for many years, and the frequency of routine inspection had been increased from 12 to 24 inspections per annum in response to the on-going infestation. The contractor was also carrying out glue-board treatments, at additional cost. An Environmental Health Officer inspection had identified numerous areas of concern relating to this infestation, and an improvement notice had been served. This had initiated the contact with Acheta.

The Challenge

A comprehensive inspection by an Acheta consultant revealed that the service being provided by the pest control contractor was poor. Large numbers of empty bait stations or unpalatable baits were found, along with long-dead mice on traps and glue-boards. Few recommendations, of poor quality, were made in the pest control reports. Concern was raised that, with the revenue being generated from the increased service frequency and glue-board treatments, there was no real incentive for the contractor to resolve the problem.

The Solution

The contract (for 12 hotels within the group) was put out to tender, using a specification drafted by Acheta. Under our supervision, the successful company carried out an intensive three-month riddance programme using a diverse range of rodenticide baits and contact rodenticides. At the end of this period the infestation had been eradicated from all areas except the main waste handling room, where periodic re-infestation was occurring. Proofing works were identified and completed, eliminating all but very occasional re-invasion, which a comprehensive trapping set-up was installed to counter. Acheta continue to provide six-monthly inspections to ensure that infestations remain controlled, and the service of the contractor remains at an acceptable standard.

The Benefits

Adverse Trip Advisor comments ceased within three weeks of the riddance programme commencing, and the threat of potential enforcement action was lifted. Once the riddance programme had been completed, and despite the additional input of two Acheta inspections per annum, the overall on-going cost of the pest control contract was reduced, because the routine inspection frequency was reduced back down to 12 per annum, and no additional costs were being incurred for glue-board treatments.