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Cockroach Infestation

A food manufacturing plant with cockroach infestation

The Scenario

A factory manufacturing a variety of dried snack foods was experiencing a recurring problem with Oriental cockroaches in several production and storage areas. This had resulted in a red-rated customer audit, with both further production for that customer, and goods already produced but not yet distributed, being put on hold.

The Challenge

A detailed inspection by an Acheta consultant highlighted that the pest control service was essentially reactive in nature. The contractor had few insect monitors sited, these being in generally inappropriate locations, which suited the convenience of the contractor rather than providing an effective means of monitoring the cockroach population. When activity was picked up on a monitor, or seen by staff on site, a limited cockroach baiting and spraying programme was carried out.

The Solution

Implementation of a comprehensive monitoring programme was key to successfully eradicating this infestation. An Acheta consultant carried out a thorough inspection, identifying areas of known, or likely, cockroach activity. Around 150 cockroach monitors were subsequently installed, by ourselves, throughout the site, and left in place for a week, at which time they were removed. Catches on these monitors were used to direct the control programme to known areas of activity.

This exercise was repeated at monthly intervals for six months, at which time the infestation was thought to have been eradicated. We continue to inspect the premises twice a year, including a repeat of the intensive monitoring programme. Two minor pockets of activity were subsequently found, and have since been eliminated. The site has remained clear of cockroach activity for the past two years.

The Benefits

Infestation has been eradicated, and the continued use of Acheta to carry out regular independent inspections has restored the faith of the site’s customers in the integrity of the products being manufactured. The total additional cost incurred through using Acheta’s services was not insignificant (about £5k per annum), but this was considered to be far outweighed by the commercial benefit of resolving a long-standing infestation, and obtaining the confidence of the customer whose auditor had raised the red flag.