Benchmarking the performance of two pest control contractors

A food manufacturing group wanted to benchmark the performance of two pest control contractors covering their 11 manufacturing sites

The Scenario

Each of the 11 manufacturing sites had previously been allowed to choose their own pest control contractor, and have in place a service specification decided at site level. Following the winning of a large retail contract it was decided to conduct a wholesale review of pest management practices across the group, and to split the sites between just two contractors. The service provided by these companies would be benchmarked using an annual independent inspection, carried out by Acheta, to all sites across the group.

The Challenge

The 11 sites are spread across the UK, with 7 in England, 3 in Scotland and 1 in Northern Ireland. The largest requires 3 days to inspect, and the smallest just half a day. A number of Acheta consultants would be involved in this inspection work, so continuity of audit was critical to the bench-marking process.

The Solution

Liaising with site and contractor personnel, a ‘3+1’ field biologist schedule was agreed whereby Acheta replaced one of the quarterly field biologist inspections. All Acheta’s inspections were scheduled to take place in the same quarter, with a summary of inspection statistics relating to both the contractors’ performance, and the number of food safety related hygiene, proofing and storage recommendations, produced for the group technical director at the end of this quarter. The performance of the two contractors was benchmarked using the quantitative QA assessment that is unique to Acheta.

The Benefits

Replacement, by Acheta, of one of the biologist inspections meant that the cost implications to each site were minimal, amounting to no more than a couple of hundred pounds for a site requiring a one-day inspection. Each site benefitted from the comprehensive inspection provided by Acheta, combined with the quantitative QA assessment of the contractor’s performance. At group level the technical director obtained an entirely independent view of the performance of both each sites management of factors impacting on pest control, and the performance of the two pest control contractors. The additional cost implications of using Acheta across the group were estimated to be about £2500. The new arrangement was looked on very favourably by both the group’s existing customers, and the new, highly important, retail client.