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Remote monitoring for rodents

Controlling rodents with baits and traps is not straightforward; there is no guarantee they’ll go in them; have a look at the video below!

We carry out many trouble-shooting jobs for rodent activity. It is usually not difficult to identify the extent of activity, and the underlying cause. However, what can be very problematic is identifying the point at which eradication has been achieved; it is far more difficult to prove the absence of rodents than it is to demonstrate their presence. We have long sought an electronic monitor which we could use on an occasional basis to demonstrate, as conclusively as is reasonably practicable, that eradication has been achieved.

GreenTrapOnline (GTO) is a Danish system which uses wireless sensors to remotely monitor for rodents. Triggered by heat and movement combined, so that it won’t be triggered by a spider for example, the technology looked exceedingly promising when we saw it at a pest control tradeshow in 2011.

Having since used it in a number of trouble-shooting jobs, and been very impressed with the results, we carried out a comparative trial of GTO against conventional methods of monitoring for mice. The results were both surprising and concerning. They are detailed in an article which appeared in PEST magazine (click hyperlink for a copy). The photo (above right) highlights that they were running around or over devices that had been placed to control them.

We now offer GTO as both a temporary installation for trouble-shooting purposes, and as a permanent installation, to be run in conjunction with the existing pest control provider. This enables site personnel to take a much more active role in rodent management practices on their sites.

Further information is available from John Simmons.