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How good is your building at keeping pests out?

There is nothing new about trying to keep pests out of buildings, as the photo of the old grain store, built on staddle stones, highlights. Rodents can’t crawl around the overhang on the stones, so protecting the grain store from infestation.

Unfortunately, during the course of our inspection work we see many examples of good and bad pest management practices. Many of the bad practices are associated with poor building design and construction. Infestation could so often be avoided if a little more thought went into preventing building related problems in the first place, or rectifying them appropriately when they do occur.

This Acheta guide has been several years in the writing, and in all honesty will probably never be completely finished! It covers many of the more common problems with buildings that we encounter, and we hope that the photos of what bad practice looks like, together with the more rarely photographed examples of ‘what good looks like’, will be of use to those responsible for preventing pest infestation in their premises.

This guide is available free-of-charge in the Free Publications area of this website.