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Electronic monitoring

Rodents don’t read the text-books. Baiting and trapping remain the mainstay for control, but there is no guarantee they’ll work.

Our video star was oblivious to the bait box, and the photo at the top of the page vividly demonstrates the avoidance of bait stations and trapping boxes by mice, which we observed when we tested the efficacy of these when compared to the GreenTrapOnline remote monitoring system. The green footprints are actually a non-toxic dust, which fluoresces under UV light, and highlight that mice were running around and over devices that had been placed to control them.

GreenTrapOnline is a Danish system which uses wireless sensors to remotely monitor for rodents. The sensors are triggered by a combination of heat and movement, so they aren’t activated by a spider for example.

In 2014 we carried out a comparative trial of GTO against conventional methods of monitoring for mice. As the photo suggests, the results were both surprising and concerning. More details about this trial, and its concerning results, are detailed in an article which appeared in PEST magazine.

We offer GTO as both a temporary installation for trouble-shooting purposes, and as a permanent installation, to be run in conjunction with the existing pest control provider. This enables site personnel to take a much more active role in rodent management practices on their sites.