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Welcome to Acheta
Acheta is a consultancy operating independently of commercial pest control companies. We provide truly independent pest control consultancy services to our clients.
Our Vision

To be the most respected independent pest management consultancy in Europe, and a leading influencer and voice for our customers.
Our Mission

To enhance the skills and knowledge of our customers and pest management service providers, and to minimise the impact that pests have on people, food and the built environment.
Our Values

Independence, Integrity, Technically excellent, Quality, Customer focussed.
More About Us

Acheta domesticus is the scientific name for the house cricket. Why did we choose this for our company name? The Greek translation of the word acheta literally means ‘chirping one’, highlighting that crickets rely heavily on their communication abilities. So do we in Acheta!


Case Studies
We have over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry. Our clients benefit from inspections that exceed the standards of all certification and accreditation bodies.
A manufacturer of muesli and granola products had despatched retailer-branded product infested with Indian meal moths…
STORAGE MOTH Infestation
A factory manufacturing a variety of dried snack foods was experiencing a recurring problem with Oriental cockroaches…
COCKROACH Infestation
A warehouse of approximately 250,000 ft2 had a long-standing problem with house mice…
MOUSE Infestation
More Case Studies
Blog Updates
Find out the latest news from the pest control industry: new products, modern methods, tips of protection against pests, insect control technology and innovation.

Rodent control during lockdown: A good news story!

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